Michelle r. Taylor is a certified reflexologist and now earned the title of reiki master(RM), and working towards  becoming a certified energy healer hopefully. She has been a reflexologist for 10yrs and started her business of reflexology in "March of 2006". She attained her certification from an accredited correspondence school in "2005".
Her goal and mission is to provide a natural holistic healing service to people's feet to help alleviate their health issues, relieve stress and tension, & promote a sense of relaxation & calmness to the mind, body & spirit.
Michelle also discovered reiki in March of 2010 and took a reiki 1 course from a reiki master teacher who was also her yoga instructor at the time. Then in July of 2014, she retook a reiki 1 course with emphasis in Polarity upon advisement of another reiki master teacher, before taking the reiki 11 course, and then in Sept. of that same year, took the reiki 11 course and completed both successfully & received certification. She has now added a special service along with her other business, in which
she will be providing reiki sessions to follks who have a mild case of scoliosis. She has decided to dedicate this service herself since she has had scoliosis herself as a youngster and has had experience with it. She would love to help heal patients & clients  naturally with the reiki energy healing that she has experience with, healing people naturally is her great love and passion. She has created a web blog on her web site that describes this service, for details on it; go to: