Before a reflexology session, your feet will be treated to a wonderful warm water aromatherapy foot massage bath to help soften & prepare the feet for a reflexology treatment.

During the session, the feet will be manipulated & massaged first to work out any stiffness or tension in the feet. Then all the reflex points will be worked on to detect any blockages in the feet that my be due to toxins, stress, also any sensitive & tender  spots. This can also detect any crystals that accumulate in the feet over a period of time.

*Please note: During a session, if your reflexologist detects any crystals(sand granules) in your feet, It would be a very, very wise idea to get your uric acid levels checked to find out how high or low your numbers are. If it is found high, it is a good indicator that you have uric acid in your system which can lead to gout- a form of arthrits.Also, that you have accumulated large amounts of high fructose corn syrup, refined sugar and red meat, which means you wil either need to decrease or eliminate these from your diet.  If you eliminate or decrease the above items, you will lower your uric acid levels & decrease your chances of developing gout or other health issues.

*As a side note: In between sessions, it is helpful to use a foot roller to help work out any crystals in your feet and also helps greatly reduce fasciitis that most women get in the arches of the feet. Also, promotes circulation in the feet. If you do not have one, I highly recommend that you purchase one. I have provided some links to websites that have different types of foot rollers in which you can choose from that may be right for you. It is suggested to use the foot roller once in the morning upon arising from sleep and once in the evening before retiring for the evening. Just check out my links page for the sites.

As far as reiki is concerned, all you will expect from this is a wonderful relaxing session that wll help balance out your chakras and energize your body, mind and soul. This is a great hands on healing  energy session. For more details, check out the reiki info. link on my links page.